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UDEMY PHP for Beginners to Inventory POS Sales Project - AdminLTE

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PHP for Beginners to Inventory POS Sales Project - AdminLTE

Create Inventory POS System Project With Billing by use of Bootstrap Responsive AdminLTE Dashboard With PHP PHP7 MYSQL
Creado por Mohammad Faizan
Fecha de la última actualización: 1/2020
Idioma : Inglés - Inglés [Generados automáticamente]
Lo que aprenderás

  • Students will learn Basics Concept of PHP programming language With fundamentals of web-Client server architecture from Theory to Practicle
  • You will learn how to create Real time Web Based Inventory POS Project With Admin LTE Dashboard using PHP programming language
  • You will learn procedural php programming in this project and plugins , Tools , Graphs , Printing Bills And lots of things with adminLTE Dashboard

20 secciones • 147 clases • 25 h 45 m de duración total

  • You need to have Bootstrap ,HTML5 and CSS3 basics fundamentals knowledge, free course you can study on UDEMY . Learn Bootstrap , HTML5 and CSS3 from scratch. It’s not mandatory but it could be helpful for the project , You Should have a background knowledge in Javascript, jQuery, and Bootstrap grid layout.
  • Descripción
  • Requirements
  • You need to just a Computer or Laptop with Internet Connection and DESIRE to learn programming in PHP.
  • You have to knowledge of Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3 basic principles for project, You can find free course for bootstrap , HTML5 and CSS3  on UDEMY from scratch. It’s not mandatory but it could be helpful for the project Development,You Should have basic background in Javascript, jQuery and Bootstrap grid layout.

Would you like to learn  Basic fundamentals of PHP with Inventory POS System Real time Project and sell it to companies that wants to manage their inventory and billing?
In this course you will learn basic fundamentals of PHP with Inventory POS System from scratch using the programming language PHP7, combining several resources that will allow you to offer useful characteristics for any company that needs to open a store or manage their sales and stock.
This is From PHP BASICS to REAL TIME PROJECT course where I will teach you step by step the basics fundamentals of PHP with creating WEB APPLICATION with PHP under the Procedure way with PDO(PHP DATA OBJECT),  when you finish it, you could sell it to your clients or it could be used as a basis to develop other complex web applications.
This PHP Basics:

  • PHP Introduction
  • First program in PHP
  • Variables
  • Data Types
  • Arrays
  • Functions
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loops
  • Built - In Functions
  • Sessions & Cookies
  • SQL Injections
  • Basic CRUD Operation

POS SYSTEM characteristics:

  • Login Module
  • User Registration
  • Category
  • Products & Stock
  • Inventory management
  • Invoice Billing PDF printing
  • Sales Order with different payment methods
  • Sales report
  • Best-selling products report
  • Stock product control
  • Daily report
  • Monthly report
  • Date range report
  • Adapted to all devices (Responsive design)

Libraries you will learn how to use:

  • AdminLTE Dashboard : Great open source template for responsive software Development.
  • jQuery DataTable: Used for dynamic tables creation.
  • ChartJS:Used for dynamic graphics and charts.
  • Date Range Picker: Used for selecting date ranges.
  • Select2 Plugin: For Searcing products in sales order
  • Sweetalerts: Awesome alerts library.
  • FPDF :PHP extension for PDF format printing.
  • And Many others...

The course is divided in several sections. In the first section we will talk about the Fundamental of Web-Client architecture with PHP BASICS .Then we will work for developing  the Inventory POS system.
And the following sections we will build, step by step from scratch, every single module that will be part of our Inventory POS system from HTML, CSS stylesheet, Javascript interaction and jQuery, along other plugins and server-side connection using PHP 7 with PDO(PHP DATA OBJECT) under the Procedure pattern using MySQL database.
It is up to you. I guess that you would take less than three weeks to complete it, but it depends on your availability and workflow.
Download the material where you can find the resources for the first lesson in each section.
You should have a basic knowledge on Bootstrap , HTML5 and CSS3, course.

Who this course is for:
This course is for PHP Beginners ,IT Students , entrepreneurs or freelancers that want to create Web Applications with PHP and MySQL and sell it to clients or companies for software business or it can be help for PHP Developers.


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